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High Prio

  • Create tests for everything testable.

  • Draw out a plan for the templating backend.

    • Will probably just construct using the HTML abstraction stuff, would make AJAX'ing page updates trivial also.
    • Reinvestigate the semi-isolated PHP script template system I used in some other project, I forgot which.
  • Determine structure for markup parsing abstraction.

    • Writing a bbcode and markdown parser outside of Index, will implement a structure when done.
  • Create HTML construction utilities.

  • Create similarly address GD2/Imagick wrappers.

  • Review CSRF code, Something about it has me constantly wondering if its too Complex.

  • Figure out the SQL Query builder.

    • Might make sense to just have a predicate builder and selector builder.
  • Create a URL formatter.

  • Add RSS/Atom feed construction utilities.

  • Probably get rid of StringBuilder, PHP strings aren't entirely immutable so that whole issue doesn't even exist. I have a number of possible fixes in my head for this. The primary reason for A/W/IString was to have a consistent API between normal strings and mbstrings. I'm not sure yet but part of me wants to keep IString but move a lot of functionality into XString and make that the go-to. WString could remain, maybe in a reduced form? Having the encoding of the string associated with it is very convenient.

Low Prio

  • Get guides working on phpdoc.

  • Create phpdoc template.

  • Review all constructors and see which one should be marked @internal.