Source code of Flashii in 2015-2017
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2015-2017 source code of Flashii, once again open source

Has been superseded by Misuzu

Original README



  • PHP 7.1 or an equivalent environment
  • MySQL 5.7 is recommended, you can use any database engine compatible with illuminate/database in theory though.
  • Composer
  • node.js (for the typescript and less compilers)
  • Yarn because npm is trash

Also as a sidenote, I highly recommend only running Sakura with x64 PHP.



Copy config.example.ini, set everything up to your liking (database is most important). I'd also recommend setting show_errors to true for development. Then run the following commands in the root.

composer install
php mahou database-install
php mahou database-migrate
php mahou setup

After that you can either use php mahou serve to use the built in development server or serve the public folder through your webserver of choice.


To compile the LESS and TypeScript assets you need to have the individual compilers installed, both are available through yarn and can be installed with the following command:

yarn global add less typescript

After that install the required libraries by running yarn and from then on to compile the files you need to run

If your editor yells at you that it can't find certain namespaces try running since that generates the required typings (.d.ts files).


Right now I'm not accepting big PRs because of a set of big things not being fully implemented yet, bug fix PRs are more than welcome though!


Sakura is licensed under the Apache License version 2. Check the LICENSE file for the full thing.